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The acquisition of Bassi Luigi S.p.A. by the Allied Group during 2018 had naturally involved also SIMAS S.p.A., an experienced manufacturer founded in 1963, located in Prezzate di Mapello (Bergamo, Italy) and entered in 1994 in the Bassi Group following the complete acquisition of the former B.G. Metallurgica Bergamasca. SIMAS is specialized in the production of wide range of large radius bends, pressure vessels and heat exchangers, and in prefabrication and cladding. All products and services are addressed to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Offshore sectors

More in detail, the company produces pressure reactors for desulphurisation plants, tubular reactors for polypropylene and polyethylene plants, jacketed reactors/semipipe heating, high pressure separators, shell and tubes heat exchangers, pressure vessels, distillation and fractionation columns for the Petrochemical sector. While the Thermotechnical sector is served with low and medium pressure water pre-heaters, superheaters and tubular refrigerants.

Moreover, many ranges of special pieces are destined to the oil&gas, such as prefabricated pipes in all types of material grades, large radius bends in all sizes up to 60'' diameter (produced from bended pipe by electrical induction - 3D, 5D, 7D, 10D), receiving and launching traps with patented quick closures, extrusions on manifolds Last but not least, the cladding services for pipes and bends (performed with a GTAW machine) are fully in line with the latest requests of the clients to upgrading the product performances in several applications.

SIMAS occupies an area of 45,000 sq.m. (15,000 sq.m. covered), employs 61 people and has a yearly capacity of 10,000 tons of finished products.

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SIMAS S.p.A. - Sede legale / Registered office: Via Luigi Bassi 8, 26865 San Rocco al Porto, Lodi, Italy
Capitale sociale / Paid capital € 1,000,000 - Camera di Commercio / Chamber of Commerce: LO 1476174 - IVA / VAT No. IT 10916000150
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