Complete Skid Assembling

SIMAS Spa is able to supply SKID MOUNTED GAS and LIQUID TREATMENT STATIONS complete with steel structure, vessels, accumulators, dryers, filters, piping, valves, instrumentation and electrical parts, FILTER, SEPARATORS and REDUCERS fitted on package group, INDIRECT GAS HEATERS, SEPARATORS to be applied in the Gas & Liquid Treatment Sector.
The design of the skids, based on the customer’s P. and I. diagrams, is carried out with the support of computerised procedures.
Skid’s Piping & Pressure Components can be supplied in the following materials:
Carbon Steel, Micro Alloyed Steel, Stainless Steel all Grades, Low & High Alloy Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Incoloy and other non Ferrous Alloys either Solid and Clad. The range of production covers:

Maximum Length 18 meters
Maximum Wide 6 meters
Maximum Weights 90 tons