Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Columns & Slug Catchers

Furthermore Simas is able to manufacture Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers medium and high pressure size PRESSURE VESSELS, COLUMNS, HEAT EXCHANGERS, STEAM DRUMS, SEPARATORS for the most extended application, manufactured in accordance with the official national and international standards and Codes.
Pressure Vessels can be supplied complete with internals, external piping, valves, instrumentation, ladders and platforms.
Our range covers:

Material Carbon Steel, Micro Alloyed Steel, Stainless Steel all Grades, Low & High Alloy Steel , Duplex, Super Duplex, Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Incoloy and other non Ferrous Alloys either Solid and Clad.
Maximum Diameter 5 meters
Maximum Length 48 meters
Maximum Weights 120 tons
Maximum Wall thickness 180 mm