S.I.M.A.S. spa, located in PREZZATE DI MAPELLO (Bg) ITALY was established in 1994 by BASSI Group, following the complete acquisition of B.G. Metallurgica Bergamasca, the experienced company founded in 1963.

SIMAS can relay on the advanced know-how of its personnel and on almost fifty years of proven experience in the plants and construction fields besides the financial stability and the high attention to quality and technical aspects that characterise the BASSI Group.



Managerial Staff
The organisation chart is composed as follows:

Mr. Italo Bersani - President
Dr. Luigi Galli - Vice President
Dr. Leonardo Bersani - Managing Director

Mr. Sergio Trapletti - Plant Manager
Mrs Elena Nava – Sales Manager
Mr Stefano Benigni – QA/QC Manager